Wings & Whistles Dog Training & Boarding Facility

Established in 1986, Wings & Whistles Dog Training & Boarding Facility has been a beacon for dog enthusiasts, providing top-notch training and boarding services. Nestled at 10710 Swede Lake Rd, Watertown, MN 55388, this facility stands as a testament to a commitment to excellence in canine education and care.

Crafting Dependable Companions

A well-trained dog is more than a mere pet; it stands as a reliable companion, whether one is venturing into the hunt or looking for a well-behaved family member. Wings & Whistles possesses the expertise, expansive fields, and a year-round open facility to address all the dog training and boarding requirements. Check this out.

Tailored Training for Every Canine Personality

Recognizing the unique personality and temperament of each dog, Wings & Whistles structures its training programs around the individual nature of your furry friend. Positive reinforcement and repetition are at the core of the training philosophy, ensuring that your dog develops to its fullest potential with eagerness and joy.

Training Owners for a Lifelong Bond

Training doesn’t stop at the facility. Wings & Whistles believes in training owners to reinforce and maintain the skills acquired by their dogs. Through scheduled one-on-one sessions with the trainer, owners gain hands-on experience, fostering a deep bond and ensuring a smooth transition of training from the facility to the home environment.

A Home Away from Home

While undergoing training, your dog experiences a comfortable stay at Wings & Whistles. The daily routine, coupled with personal attention, creates a positive association, making Wings & Whistles a second home for your beloved pet. Many clients express that their dogs become visibly excited when turning onto the road leading to the facility.

Comprehensive Training Programs

General Obedience

The General Obedience course caters to non-hunting family dogs. The program covers basic commands, including sit, stay, come, and heel, along with essential household manners. With a focus on on-and-off-leash training, e-collar conditioning, and handling distractions, they aim to return to you a well-behaved family dog. The program includes two hands-on, one-on-one sessions with the trainer and typically spans approximately three weeks.

Bird and Gun Intro

For aspiring gun dogs, the ten-day Bird and Gun Intro program provides positive exposure to live birds and proper gun conditioning. This crucial step in developing a confident gun dog involves a carefully designed progression to create positive associations. Ideally starting at six months, this program can be undertaken at any age, provided there hasn’t been prior gun exposure.

Fast Start Training

The Fast Start course combines obedience training and field conditioning for hunting dogs. Assuming completion of the Bird and Gun Intro course, this program is ideally suited for dogs aged 7 ½ to 8 months. With 20 days of daily training, spanning approximately three to four weeks, it provides comprehensive preparation for your hunting companion.

Advanced Gun Dog

Tailored to the needs of mature dogs with hunting experience, the Advanced Gun Dog programs consist of 20 days of daily training over approximately three to four weeks. The package includes boarding, training, birds, and valuable hands-on sessions with the trainer.

Wings & Whistles Dog Training & Boarding Facility is not just a place for your dog; it’s a community dedicated to cultivating lasting bonds between owners and their furry companions. With a rich history, comprehensive training programs, and a commitment to positive reinforcement, Wings & Whistles continues to be a trusted destination for dog enthusiasts seeking excellence in training and care. Invest in your dog’s potential, and experience the joy of living with a well-trained, dependable companion. Click for more.