Engine Rebuild

Engine Rebuild

Engine rebuilding services – Giving your engine a second chance

Does your engine fail to perform as reliably as it’s used to? We’re sorry to tell you it may be time to retire it. Or not? If your engine is damaged, you usually have a couple of options. You can either invest in another set of wheels without further ado, seek a replacement, or get your car’s heart rebuilt. The last option is the most cost-effective one and can be performed at Certified Auto Repair. Our engine rebuild shop is in Spring Park, Minnesota, where our ASE-certified mechanics are routinely revitalizing cars and fixing their hearts.

An overhaul is a way to go for worn-out engines, either because they approach their end-of-life stages or haven’t received proper care on time. This service saves your existing under-the-hood system so that you can stick to original specs and avoid having to reprogram your car’s ECU. Plus, it’s half the price of getting your engine replaced, let alone the cost of buying a new car.

Steps of the car engine rebuild process

Whether you have a six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engine, the rebuilding process is the same. You bring your set of wheels to Certified Auto Repair, and then our mechanics:

  1. Pull the engine out of your car. We carefully lift and remove it using specialized equipment to avoid any further damage. If some parts need to be removed before pulling the engine, we’ll do that.
  2. Take it apart. A thorough inspection is only possible if we can check every single part and gasket. That’s why we disassemble the entire system for a successful motor rebuild.
  3. Remove dirt and grease. We apply special-purpose cleaning products like degreasers to clean your engine down to the oil pan. Only chemicals that are safe for your car are used.
  4. Check your engine. When it’s taken apart and cleaned, our engine mechanics check it for broken, damaged, and malfunctioning parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
  5. Replace parts. Once we spot a worn-out part, we swap it for its new OEM counterpart, be it a pump, seal, or O-ring. We can also carry out automotive engine repairs to fix slightly damaged components.
  6. Install the rebuilt engine. The service is complete when you get your reconditioned engine back under the hood. We’ll connect it to all hoses, shafts, and other systems and make sure it works impeccably.

Loaner cars available

Unlike other engine repair shops in Spring Park, Minnesota, Certified Auto Repair cares about your transportation while our mechanics rebuild your engine. So when your car is unavailable, you can use one of our loaner vehicles.

A loaner is all yours for the duration of your car engine rebuild service. To find out how long it will take for your vehicle, schedule an appointment at Certified Auto Repair.