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Volvo repair

Volvo maintenance and repairs that suit your car

If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go in a Volvo! That said, no matter how you slice it, Volvos aren’t immune to mechanical and electrical issues. These cars are probably the least vulnerable to them, but they can still happen. Our Volvo mechanics in Spring Park, Minnesota, know this from their own experience.

Whether your Volvo has transmission problems, brake assist system issues, or the checkup day has come on your scheduled maintenance calendar, take it to Certified Auto Repair. Don’t be afraid to judge us by our name. We do have certified Volvo mechanics who have earned ASE titles to append to their job ones. Add OEM parts and the eagle eyes that can spot invisible car faults, and you’re safe in the knowledge your Volvo is taken care of.

Volvo car service for all brand’s vehicles

Certified Auto Repair is your one-stop repair shop. We can service the newest Volvos and those that have seen a lot over their lifespans. To us, the age of your car and how many miles its odometer has counted so far make no difference. Either way, it will be serviced to the highest Volvo level.

If you’re a local, you can sometimes see sleek sedans, family cars, and even off-roaders coming in and out of our Volvo repair shop in Spring Park, Minnesota. On closer inspection, you can notice the happy faces of their owners. And if you take your Volvo to Certified Auto Repair, we guarantee you’ll be just as satisfied.

No more unanticipated bills

Is there anything more credibility-killing about repair shops than a list of services on your bill that you haven’t asked for? This is never the case with Certified Auto Repair.

We only carry out Volvo auto repairs or maintenance services that you give us the green light to. For starters, we inspect your car to figure out what faults need to be fixed and what parts need to be replaced. Then, we explain why the service is necessary and provide you with accurate pricing. If you’re good with it, our Volvo specialists get to the job, not the other way around.

Adding years to the reliability of your Volvo

You don’t just get your Volvo serviced and hope it won’t let you down when hitting the road. With Certified Auto Repair, you’re guaranteed to drive your vehicle without recurring problems for two years or as soon as you cover 24,000 miles. This applies to most services our Volvo mechanics provide and parts we install.

Does your Volvo need an emergency service or a weekend checkup? Grab your phone and dial (952) 471-047 to book it!

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