Auto Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning

A/C car service for your vehicle’s favorable climate

Driving in a car with a faulty A/C on a sweltering day is no fun. And what if you’re planning a long-distance road trip? This is when things get from uncomfortable to dangerous. If your air conditioner fails to keep you cool inside the cabin, you may experience heat exhaustion. Don’t let high temperatures make your head spin while behind the wheel! Bring your vehicle for car air conditioning repair service at Certified Auto Repair to make sure you’re comfortable and safe when you hit the road.

Our mechanics are ASE-certified to tackle any air conditioning problem in American, European, and Asian cars. We will take care of your A/C so that you no longer have to put up with that terrible heat.

The signs that signal you may need auto air conditioning service

A car’s A/C is a quite complex system that is prone to both mechanical and electrical failures. While it’s easy to figure out something is wrong with it when your A/C only blows hot air, other problems may be harder to spot. If you notice anything of these, be sure to take your vehicle for air conditioning car repairs:

  • Your A/C can’t cool off the cabin as the air gets warmer over time.
  • It generates a humming noise when you turn it on.
  • It isn’t working when idling.
  • Your car windows get fogged up all too often, and your A/C doesn’t help clear them up.
  • You can see some leaks under your car or right in the interior.
  • You can detect an unpleasant musty smell when your A/C starts blowing air.

Quick automobile air conditioning repairs in Minneapolis: Let us check every A/C component

A malfunctioning air conditioner has nothing to do with comfort while behind the wheel. That’s why requesting our A/C car service may be your best bet.

We will check all parts of your car’s A/C, including:

  • condenser
  • compressor
  • cooling fans
  • hoses, seals, and belts
  • A/C electrical system

Whether something is wrong with your car’s A/C components, or you simply need a refrigerant refill, Certified Auto Repair can help. Take your vehicle to our Spring Park-based shop to get it inspected by skilled technicians.

Like with other services, you can bring your car to us for automotive repairs of an air conditioning system Monday to Friday. However, we can make an exception for you with night and weekend appointments!

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