Auto Cooling System Repair

Auto Cooling System

Keep Your Engine Safe from Overheating

Your car’s engine generates a whole lot of heat while running. It must be continuously cooled; otherwise, the heat can severely damage its parts, even cause it to seize up or crack its own block. Auto cooling systems cool off running engines with a coolant solution that passes through special channels. Along the way, the coolant pulls heat out of the engine to be dissipated in the radiator before making the journey again.

If the auto cooling system is inefficient, head gaskets can fail, aluminum parts can warp and the engine can stop working completely. That’s why cooling systems must be inspected and repaired on a periodical basis.
At Certified Auto Repair, we are highly qualified for any auto cooling system service, repair or component replacement. There’s no work we can’t do, and we have specialty equipment for virtually all brands. Keep your engine safe from heat related damage by getting regular cooling system checks. Don’t wait for things to go wrong, by then you could already need major engine work.

Radiator, Water Pump, Radiator Fan & Belt, & Coolant Services
Even Slight Overheating Can Cause Problems if Left Unchecked
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