drive axle and cv

Drive Axle and CV

Drive Axle and CV Joint Service Experts

The drive axle is a split shaft that transfers the vehcile’s power to the drive wheels. Many vehicle systems interface with the drive axle and either affect how it works or are affected by it directly. Its job is to ensure that it uses and transfers energy as optimally as possible. Any extra resistance or friction can reduce acceleration, mileage and power output.

The joints where the axle splits are the CV (Constant Velocity) joints. These joints are protected by a CV boot, which is a rubber cover. Rubber degrades over time and can leave this precision joint exposed causing lubrication loss, dirt in the joint, and potential contact damage. A faulty or damaged drive axle and CV assembly can result in an accident. It’s important to get preventive maintenance and inspections on both the drive axle and CV Joints.

Certified Auto Repair is the Mound and Spring Park area’s premier service center. Our experienced ASE Certified technicians are experts in handling drive axle and CV problems. We work nights and weekends, operate a free loaner car program, and have towing or shuttle service so that you can have us repair your car at a time that’s convenient.

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