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Is Your Engine Being Choked by its Filter?

As part of the engine’s combustion process, your car engine draws in air. It is then engine ’s job to stop dirt, dust, pollutants and foreign objects from entering your car’s engine. Keeping the combustion chamber free of particulates can help ensure a long lasting, healthy engine for years to come. Although the engine air filter is a low-profile part, its role is vital in ensuring quality engine performance.

A rough ride, a low idling engine, and low gas mileage are all potentially caused by a clogged air filter. Most manufacturers recommend a service inspection of your engine’s filter at least every 6 months. Immediate replacement is needed if your air filter is choking your car. Ignoring symptoms or advice from your mechanic can lead to costly repairs of more critical engine parts. Compared to the costs of most engine repair work, a new engine filter is nothing, and it’s quick to replace.

Come to Certified Auto Repair if you think your engine air filter needs a look. We can get it out and examined quickly, and offer our advice. If replacement is the choice, we offer only the best, high quality engine air filters for all of our customers. Our highly trained technicians will also show you any other items that might need attention now or in the near future.

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A Clogged Air Filter Literally Chokes Your Engine
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