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Check Engine Light

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When your car’s check engine light clicks on, it could indicate anything from a minor issue to serious engine trouble. The light can be triggered by a loose gas cap, so if you’ve been to the gas station recently, double check that first. You should not panic or pull over when you see the light. Instead, you should get your vehicle checked out by Certified Auto Repair immediately. If you don’t, it can lead to damage of expensive vehicle parts.

If your Check Engine Light has popped up, talk to us and allow our experienced ASE Certified technicians to inspect, explain and fix the problem. We work nights and on weekends, operate a local shuttle service, and even loan cars to our customers; so you can get the work done at your convenience. Don’t pass off your check engine light as something you can take care of later, get it checked by our experts and drive worry-free.

We NEVER Use Your Check Engine Light to Push Unneeded Work The Check Engine Light is a Precursor to Larger Repairs, Don’t Ignore It!! Certified Auto Employs ASE Certified Technicians Only We Follow the Motorist Assurance Program’s Uniform Inspection Guidelines Evening, & Weekend Appointments Here are no Problem Certified Auto’s 2 Year/24,000 Mile Guarantee Ensures Our Work Lasts
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