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Vehicle battery replacement: Your antidote to draining and leakage

No car battery can last forever, and you should keep that in mind not to find yourself on the roadside with a dead one. While a brand-new vehicle battery may last for up to 4 years, different driving, maintenance, and climate conditions can make its lifespan twice as short. If you don’t start your car every now and then, brace for a vehicle battery replacement even sooner.

Whether your destination is in another state or you’re planning to travel from coast to coast, check your car battery health beforehand. If you notice corroded areas, stains, or other battery performance killers that make it drain too early, consider installing a new car battery at Certified Auto Repair. We’ll meet all your battery needs, no matter whether you own a sedan, truck, or any other vehicle.

Skilled auto battery mechanics near me in Spring Park, Minnesota

Even though you can buy a vehicle battery online, it’s not the best way out when yours is dead or drains as if it’s never fully charged. With poor knowledge and little experience, you run the risk of ending up with the wrong unit or installing it incorrectly. 

If you want to extend the lifespan of your vehicle, sedan/truck battery installation should be performed by ASE-certified mechanics. Fortunately, Certified Auto Repair has them here in Spring Park and Mound to help you.

Our skilled technicians can guide your auto battery choice and fit the unit in no time so that you can hit the road straight away. And it’s always about cheap car battery replacement in Spring Park, Minnesota, that we provide. 

Here’s why car and truck owners come to us when their auto batteries are far from perfect:

  • ASE certification
  • Experienced auto mechanics
  • Heavy-duty batteries available
  • Free vehicle check-up
  • MAP standards
  • 2-year/24,000-mile service warranty

We take on every replacement or installation job as if we’re doing it on our own cars. This is our way to provide you with outstanding service.

Car and truck battery replacement near me — Open 5 days a week

If you can’t come during working hours, you can schedule a visit for the time that seems right for you. Certified Auto Repair is your local auto battery expert, and our team is always ready to have your back at 4700 Shoreline Drive, Spring Park.

To schedule your visit, dial (952) 471 0471.

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