Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment service to get your car back to a straight ride

  Whether you’ve hit a deep pothole or got new tires installed, your wheel alignment may be off. Have you noticed that your car sometimes – or always – pulls in one direction? Then it’s definitely off, so you should consider expert wheel alignment services at Certified Auto Repair.

  We can align your front and rear wheels back to their perfection. They all must point straight ahead to ensure your rides are safe. But if your wheels are misaligned, your vehicle control, including your steering, is likely to be compromised.

  On top of that, maintaining a precise alignment can extend the lifespan of your tires and suspension parts. When your wheel angles badly need adjustment, they may cause uneven tread wear and take their toll on everything from your wheel hub assemblies to springs. It’s a good idea to get them aligned now so that you don’t have to open your wallet too wide to replace your suspension parts or tires later.

Who can check and fix the wheel alignment near me?

  If you’re in Mound, Spring Park, or surrounding areas, let Certified Auto Repair align your wheels in our AAA-approved repair shop. Take your car to it so that our ASE-certified specialists:

  • check your suspension system for worn-out parts and other problems
  • take a professional look at your wheel angles (toe, camber, and caster)
  • adjust the misaligned angles of the front, rear, or all four wheels
  • do the tests to make sure your driving is safe

  At Certified Auto Repair, we bring together cheap wheel alignment service and highly accurate diagnostic equipment. That’s why we can adjust the angles with several tweaks to your suspension in less than an hour without charging you top dollar. When done with our technicians, the cost of wheel alignment never goes up during the process, and you know what you’ll need to pay before we start.

  If your alignment has just got off, we can help bring your car to our repair shop by arranging a towing service for you. Also, you can drive one of our loaner vehicles while we inspect or fix your suspension.

  Check wheel alignment specials among our coupons and schedule your service!

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