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Motor oil is something that every vehicle needs. Without it, there’s no way for an engine to operate safely, or for very long. Friction from the metal on metal contact would overheat and warp moving metal parts and could even warp or crack the engine block. The oil you put in your car acts as a shield. It coats necessary parts and ensures that there are no metal surfaces that come into contact. The job oil does for your engine is so important it needs to be replaced on average 4 times a year.

As the engine itself ages, the oil inside becomes more important. There are blends designed for older cars, different engine types or configurations, and even for how you intend to use the vehicle. Regular oil changes ensure that your engine has the protection it needs against itself. During the service, our ASE Certified technicians also get a chance to check the oil for debris or metal shavings which are signs of potential engine issues. Each time your oil is changed, the oil filter goes with it, and a new one is installed. That way, as the oil collects particulates, they are removed before getting back into the engine.

At Certified Auto Repair, our team has a wide range of industry experience. Our 2 convenient locations are open later than others and on weekends. An oil change usually takes very little time, and with an appointment you’ll be back in your car in no time. Whether you drive a luxury vehicle, heavy duty truck or van, or an eco-friendly hybrid, we can handle your oil change correctly. Of course, we service all other vehicles too, but many shops can’t do specialty or luxury work. Make your oil change appointment today and put our team to work for you.

High Quality Standard, High-Mileage, Synthetic Blend, Full Synthetic Oils
We Make Sure Your Engine Gets the Correct Oil Every Time
Certified Auto Employs ASE Certified Technicians Only
We Follow the Motorist Assurance Program’s Uniform Inspection Guidelines
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Certified Auto’s 2 Year/24,000 Mile Guarantee Ensures Our Work Lasts

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