drivetrain and differential

Drivetrain and Differential Services

Drivetrain and Differential Services


The drivetrain transports the power from the engine to the wheels and adjusts the amount of torque. It is comprised of the differential, transmission and transfer case along with their related subsystems. The differential, which contains a lubricating fluid, is a very important part because it allows for two wheels on one axle to turn at different speeds. When you turn your car, the outside wheels turn faster and cover more ground than the inside ones. In solid axle designs, this is impossible, either a transaxle or differential is necessary depending on the vehicle.

Heat from the engine can corrupt the differential fluid on top of normal degradation over time. Result: the differential’s lubrication efficiency drops dramatically which can cause your differential’s internal gears to damage themselves if the lubricant gets bad enough. Maintaining the drivetrain and all its components, and replacing fluids as recommended just makes good car sense.

At Certified Auto Repair, we get that. Our experienced, highly trained ASE Certified technicians can handle drivetrain and differential repairs and maintenance with ease. We work at your convenience, including nights and weekends. Together our mechanics have over 50 years of auto service. Put Certified Auto’s experience to work on your drivetrain & keep your car around for years longer.

We Understand All Complex Drivetrain Systems
Get Improved Performance, Power, Acceleration & Mileage
Certified Auto Employs ASE Certified Technicians Only
We Follow the Motorist Assurance Program’s Uniform Inspection Guidelines
Evening, & Weekend Appointments Here are no Problem
Certified Auto’s 2 Year/24,000 Mile Guarantee Ensures Our Work Lasts

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