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Is It Time To Repair Your Brakes?

Brakes are designed to wear away as they perform their function. No matter your driving habits, your brakes are going to need to be replaced eventually. As the brake pad material wears away, the surface(s) that they press against can be negatively altered which means the next time you get your brakes replaced, the rotors or drums will need to be replaced. If not, they will cause damage and rapid wear to the new pads and lead to more frequent brake jobs. So, what can you do to stop your brake system from this cycle and the costs that come with it?

The brake pedal in your car is key indicator number 1. When you have new brakes, your pedal will not need to be pressed very far to stop the car. As the brakes wear, the pedal will need to be pushed down further because of the thinner pads. Eventually, you will notice what feels like a slight pulsating or vibration in the brake pedal. By this time, you can be damaging things other than just your brake pads. Pay attention to your pedal and how it feels. Get your car in when the pads are the only things that need to be serviced.

It is important to also know that there are other symptoms and causes for brake performance issues. Brakes that screech, grind while braking, or make noises when the car is turning are big red flags. These sounds indicate damage to the pads and their contact surface, and you need immediate service. Brake fluid is equally important, and leaks in the lines or other places can cause issues. It’s crucial to have your brake system worked on by expert technicians. Nothing is as important as your safety.

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