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Brake repairs near me: Get your braking system serviced in Spring Park

  Nothing lasts forever. In the automotive world, this means a car’s braking system is one of the many things that need to be regularly serviced. Fail to take care of it on time, and you can expect the double whammy of reduced vehicle maneuverability and compromised safety. At Certified Auto Repair, our commitment is to protect all motorists from that. That’s why our AAA-approved brake repair shop is always open in Spring Park Monday through Friday.

  If your braking performance is poor for some reason, take your vehicle to Certified Auto Repair. We can service most brands, passenger cars, and trucks according to the Motorist Assurance Program standards.

When do you need car brake repairs?

There are many parts that may take a hit in your car’s braking system over time. As you cover more miles, the friction material may thin down on your brake pads, your rotors may get warped, or your ABS may begin to malfunction. This goes without saying your calipers may unexpectedly fail due to a brake fluid leak or some electrical issue.

  Of course, you can’t visually inspect those parts every time you get behind the wheel to predict when a brake replacement or repairs are necessary. But this is what you can watch out for when driving:

  • the brake pedal is too easy to press on
  • your car shudders once you step on the brake pedal
  • it pulls in one direction when braking
  • the ABS light doesn’t go off
  • your brakes generate a high-pitched squeal
  • it takes longer to bring your car to a halt

Get a complete braking system check today

  At Certified Auto Repair, we’ll inspect everything that can affect your car’s braking performance – from pads and drums to hoses and the ABS. The cost of our brake service includes a full check, repairs, and a 24,000-mile/2-year quality warranty.

  For emergency cases, we offer evening and weekend services. Also, we can replace worn-out or damaged parts right at our shop in addition to completing cheap brake repairs.

  Bring your car in to improve your braking performance!

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