Timing Belt

Timing belt maintenance: Keep your engine healthy

  Did you know that a faulty timing belt can lead to an engine failure? That’s right: when your camshaft, crankshaft, valves, and pistons are out of sync, the risk of a breakdown is dangerously high. Your engine may misfire, overheat, or generate a weird noise, signaling that an expensive repair looms on the horizon. The only surefire way to avoid it is to schedule timing belt maintenance at regular intervals.

  At Certified Auto Repair, we can professionally carry it out for your car. We have experienced timing belt specialists who know what to watch out for under the hood of your vehicle – from worn-out inner notches to missing teeth. They are ASE-certified and use the best automotive maintenance tools approved by AAA. That’s why we can inspect your timing belt fast and thoroughly.

Carrying out timing belt service only when it’s necessary

  Knowing when and how to take care of your timing belt can prevent catastrophic breakdowns and save you thousands in repairs. And this is what we strive for.

  When we check your timing belt, we look at its condition and whether it synchronizes internal parts properly. If everything is okay, we’ll let you know when you should plan your next inspection to keep your belt as healthy as it is. No repairs are made when they are unnecessary.

  If it turns out you need a timing belt replacement, Certified Auto Repair can also help you. Our technicians can install a new one that matches your vehicle and engine parts. Then we’ll make sure the sequence of the valve cycles is well-timed so that your engine is out of danger.

Schedule your service any day of the week

  We can inspect the timing belts of all car makes and models Monday through Friday. Don’t have time to bring your vehicle on business days? The weekend service is also available, meaning you can get your timing belt checked on Saturday or Sunday and pick up your car on the same day.

  For timing belt repairs, you will also get our 2Y/24K-mile guarantee. This is what certified service at Certified Auto Repair entails!

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