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  • I wanted a safety check, brakes, steering, etc. Joe clearly explained what they found, what they would do, when my vehicle would be ready, and the expected cost. No surprises! Thank you Certified Auto!

Fast, Professional Timing Belt Service

Automotive timing belts or chains are absolutely critical to the engine’s function. They coordinate and control the opening and closing of exhaust and intake valves inside the engine block. It’s the only belt under the hood that has a toothy or gear-like appearance. The reason for it’s rugged design and extra grip is because even one small slip can mean engine failure. Luckily there’s an easy way to ensure this never happens to you.

Regular, professional inspection and testing of the timing belt can indicate when it’s time for replacement long before the belt puts your engine in any danger. If you can see any sign of wear, fraying, or cracking along your timing belt, bring it in right away. Certified Auto Repair has the experience and equipment to save you and your engine from the timing belt breaking. We’ll explain when it’s time to replace and if it’s not, we’ll tell you when to bring it back for another check. It’s important for us to explain exactly why we are or aren’t recommending work.

Our estimates are all-inclusive and will never increase without your approval of any additional work. We only use the industry’s best, long lasting timing belts on every job. Certified can replace any vehicle’s belt and make sure everything is working correctly. Don’t spend time somewhere else and hope things are done right, come to Certified Auto and rest easy knowing we stand behind every job we do.

  • We Can Service Any Vehicle’s Timing Belt Quickly & Correctly

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