United States Postal Service

USPS is a core component of the Spring Park, MN, community situated in the US with business operations offering multiple services to residents and local businesses. Now let’s find out what is going on inside Spring Park, MN’s USPS, and how it manages to keep the community integrated.


The USPS in Spring Park, MN, is situated at 4044 Sunset Dr, Spring Park, MN 55384. The residents and the business community in this region can enjoy convenient access to the required postal services.

USPS Services

USPS in Spring Park, MN, provides a comprehensive range of services for the community with different needs. USPS takes care of all packages including sending gifts to relatives, applying for passports, and even basic banking. Some of the key services include:

  • Priority Mail: When it comes to speedy and quick shipping, Priority Mail is a good one.
  • Express Mail: In case of such urgent matters, express mail makes it possible to deliver something quickly.
  • Passport Applications: Planning a trip? You are free to use the USPS to facilitate passport applications and then move across the world.
  • Money Orders: Send money using USPS money orders as a secured way money sending process.
  • Basic Banking Services: Additionally, the USPS offers basic banking services, which makes it more convenient for the community.

Online Services

In addition to in-person services, USPS offers a range of online tools and services that can simplify your postal needs:

  • Online Stamps: Businesses will find this quite convenient since they can purchase postage stamps and print labels online.
  • Package Pickup: Arrange for a package collection from your address and thereby avoid going to the post office.
  • Mail and Package Tracking: You can quickly log on online using the tracking numbers of your delivered mail and packages.
  • Change of Address: Change your address on the USPS website to allow forwarding of your mail if you are moving within or out of Spring Park.


There is a limited schedule for the USPS in Spring Park, MN. The latest information regarding the operating hours can be obtained via the USPS site or by calling the post office using the number (952) 471-9284. In this way, you will have the freshest data and plan your visit with ease.

USPS Community Outreach

It works with the community in a number of ways including stamp-collecting events and even providing educational services to the area schools. Look out for these events and join in to learn more about the fascinating world of mail and postal services. More about Spring Park here.

Postal Tips and Best Practices

  • Proper Packaging: Package your products in a way that ensures safe delivery. It gives you the guidelines on the best way to pack your items securely.
  • Check Mailbox Regularly: Please remember to check frequently your mailbox so that you do not miss any important mail or parcels.
  • Stamps: Always carry postage stamp stock at home to avoid late night trips at the post office.
  • Address Accuracy: Ensure that your address is correct and complete when sending mail or packages so as not to encounter delivery problems.

Living in Spring Park, MN is wonderful and the U.S. Postal Service ensures that your mail and package are in safe hands and arrive on time. Whether you are a resident or a business person, it is essential that you know the ins and outs of using USPS services. Exploit the convenience and reliability of the USPS in Spring Park, MN. Browse the next article >>