Lake Minnewashta Regional Park

Nestled across 340 acres along the picturesque shores of Lake Minnewashta lies the captivating Lake Minnewashta Regional Park. Embraced by natural beauty, this park offers an array of recreational activities and amenities, making it an idyllic destination for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a peaceful retreat. 

Park Hours and Access

Opening its gates from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, Lake Minnewashta Regional Park invites visitors to indulge in its serene ambiance and myriad offerings. During the fishing season, early birds can rejoice as the park welcomes anglers at 5:00 am to seize the day’s catch. A great place to also visit.

Facilities Galore

  • Swimming Beach: A refreshing swimming beach beckons guests to immerse themselves in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Minnewashta, offering a perfect respite on a warm summer day. Active supervision of children is required at all times.
  • Bathhouse: Ensuring convenience and comfort, a well-equipped bathhouse stands ready to cater to visitors’ needs after a day of frolicking in the sun and sand.
  • Off-Leash Dog Area: Furry companions can delight in an 18-acre fenced-in off-leash dog area, boasting separate zones for small dogs and scenic trails stretching nearly a mile, allowing both pets and owners to relish the great outdoors.
  • Reservable Picnic Shelters: For gatherings and celebrations, four picturesque picnic shelters are available for reservation, ensuring a perfect spot for memorable occasions amidst nature’s charm.
  • Sand/Turf Volleyball Courts: Sports enthusiasts can engage in friendly matches on well-maintained sand and turf volleyball courts, fostering camaraderie and active recreation.
  • Creative Playground: Children can unleash their imaginations in a creatively designed playground, fostering playfulness and exploration.
  • Paved Boat Access: Boaters can easily access the serene waters of Lake Minnewashta through a conveniently paved boat access point within the park premises.
  • Paved Bike Trail: Cycling enthusiasts can traverse through the park’s beauty along a smooth, paved bike trail, offering scenic vistas and an invigorating ride.
  • Turf Trails for Walking and Skiing: Five miles of turf trails wind through diverse landscapes, allowing leisurely strolls during warmer months and skiing adventures in the winter.
  • Ski/Snowshoe Rentals: Embracing the winter wonderland, the park provides ski and snowshoe rentals, inviting visitors to explore the snowy landscapes in style.

Trails & Special Facilities

  • Off-Leash Dog Area: The popular fenced-in area spans 18 acres and boasts separate trails for small dogs, providing a safe and enjoyable space for pets and their owners.
  • Trails: Enthusiasts can meander along five miles of trails, traversing the lake’s edge, forests, and prairies. Winter brings groomed trails for skiing and walking, offering diverse experiences year-round.
  • Public Boat Access: With one paved boat access point, visitors can enjoy water adventures. However, parking for boat trailers is limited, maintaining a serene atmosphere and respecting park ordinances.
  • Shelters: Four rentable shelters stand ready for gatherings, promising memorable moments amid nature’s splendor.
  • Fishing Pier: Accessible to all visitors, the fishing pier not only facilitates anglers but also offers a breathtaking view of Lake Minnewashta, making it an ideal spot to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.
  • Little Free Library: Adding a charming touch, a Little Free Library near the beach encourages visitors to engage in the joy of reading, fostering a community spirit of sharing books.
  • Canoe/Kayak Storage: Racks available from May 1 to October 31 offer convenient storage for canoes and kayaks, ensuring hassle-free access to watercraft for enthusiasts.

Shelters & Facilities: Perfect for Your Special Occasions

For those planning unforgettable gatherings such as family reunions, corporate picnics, or any special event, Lake Minnewashta Regional Park extends a warm invitation to make use of its charming facilities. Whether it’s a picnic shelter, the Community Room, or the Sun Room at Paradise Commons, the park offers an ideal outdoor setting to create lasting memories amidst nature’s embrace.

Seasonal Celebrations and Events

Annual Events:

  • Candlelit Ski Events: Evening skiing events featuring candlelit trails, offer a magical and serene experience for outdoor enthusiasts during select times of the year.
  • Camping with the Stars Weekend (Astronomy Theme): An astronomy-themed camping weekend inviting stargazers to enjoy celestial views, guided stargazing sessions, and educational activities.
  • Maple Syrup Festival: A springtime delight celebrating the art of maple syrup production, featuring demonstrations, tastings, and family-friendly activities centered around this sweet treat.
  • Annual Minnewashta Mud Run: A thrilling and challenging mud run event held at Minnewashta Regional Park, offering participants an adventurous and fun-filled experience through muddy obstacles.

Summer Equipment & Watercraft Rentals:

  • Watercraft Rentals: Available on weekends from June 10 to August 20, 2023, providing opportunities for visitors to rent watercraft such as kayaks and canoes. Life jackets are included with rentals, and they operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Private Programs:

  • Customized Group Activities: Activities such as practicing archery, exploring by canoe or kayak, outdoor culinary experiences with cooking, mastering the art of log rolling, and learning fire-building techniques. These programs cater to various groups such as families, corporate teams, schools, scout troops, and more. Contact the Parks Office for bookings and further information.

Campground Programs at Baylor Regional Park:

  • Saturday Morning Mischief: Free Saturday morning programs offering grab-and-go crafts such as creating watercolor paintings, crafting sand art, or making dream catchers. from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Drop-In Archery: Saturday archery lessons are available from Memorial Day through Labor Day for a nominal fee.

Self-Led Activities:

Various activities and resources are designed for visitors to enjoy self-led adventures in the park, including scavenger hunts, adventure quests, leaf hunts, disc golf introduction, virtual tours, story walks, nature walks, and geocaching. Educational videos are available on the park’s YouTube channel.


Group Volunteer Projects: Opportunities for groups to contribute through volunteer projects like tree planting, landscaping, or trash pickup at the park or trail. Volunteers are also sought for the annual Minnewashta Mud Run. Visit the Volunteer page for more details and scheduling.

Reservation Details

From the second full weekend in May to the first full weekend in October, guests can reserve picnic shelters and the Community Room, allowing ample time to plan and secure their preferred date. Reservations are accepted up to one year in advance and require a minimum of 4 days’ notice.

Moreover, for those seeking a year-round venue, the Sun Room in Paradise Commons at Lake Waconia Regional Park stands ready to host events regardless of the season, providing a versatile space for various occasions.

Important Information

While making reservations, please note that terms and conditions apply. For further details and to secure your reservation, kindly reach out to the Parks Office at (952) 466-5255 or via email at The friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist in ensuring your event planning process is seamless.

A Strong Recommendation

To ensure everything aligns perfectly for your event, it’s strongly advised to visit the reserved facility at least one week before your gathering. This proactive step allows for any inquiries, special requests, or clarifications that may contribute to making your event even more memorable. The Park Office staff are available to address any questions or accommodate special requests to enhance your experience.

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