Back Channel Brewing Co.

Back Channel Brewing Co. found in Spring Park, Minnesota at a peaceful lakeshore proves that the age of craft-brewing has come. However, there is something more than sipping sumptuous batches of this craft beer in this attractive destination brewery/taproom. The production of Back Channel beer started and it specializes in a wide variety of beer styles like lager beer, IPA, and imperial Stout. In this article, we will discuss some special beers that make this craft brewery stand out among the flourishing Minnesota craft beer community.

A Craft Beer Oasis on the Shores of Lake Minnetonka

Back Channel Brewing at the peaceful lakeshore is very fitting. However, a craft brewery is not merely about taking delight in drinking some delicious beer, marveling at breathtaking scenery, and relaxing in natural surroundings where you enjoy both fantastic landscapes and tasty beer.

A sizable, friendly, and relaxed taproom allows people to chill as they drink their beer from the brewery. You are able to hang out at the main social bar or relax by the lakeside patio looking at nature while enjoying your beer.

The Beer Selection: A Journey Through Flavors

One characteristic that separates Back Channel Brewing is its capability to brew different flavors of beer to cater to all tastes. Diversification is evident in their portfolio which comprises lagers, IPAs, and imperial stouts being some of the most loved products by customers.


Exploring fresh, clean, and lively beer in the world is the exciting adventure of Lagers at Back Channel Brewing. On hot days at the lake or just at night after heavy working hours. Every lager from the brewer showcases just how dedicated they are to providing the best out of their kind while leaving oneself fresh.


IPAs in Back Channel Brewing have been discovered by people who wish to get some element of hop complexity in a beer. Such variations include mild hops with a low amount of hopping, strong hops with heavy hopping, and medium hops with moderate bitterness. This brewery is among the few where you can find IPAs that taste great.

Imperial Stouts:

These are strong, dark, and heavily flavored imperial stouts from Back Channel, ideal for drinking heavy, dark, strong-tasting beers like flavorsome porters and dark roasted stouts. It is possible to enjoy these smooth and fleshy infusions which allow the drinker to get a taste of the maturing flavors. Anyone looking for a bit of coziness in winter or a real treat should try their imperial stouts.

Nevertheless, for Back Channel Brewing there are three categories and nothing else. Specifically, they develop a unique beer portfolio introducing novel innovations and experimenting in a way that keeps a customer interested in what’s coming next. This level of diversification indicates that they have rich imaginations which are evident in their brewing.

Sustainability and Responsibility

The focus on environmental sustainability by Back Channel Brewing. They realize as a lakefront brewery, it is important that they hold and preserve the natural beauty surrounding them. By having responsible brewing measures as well as environmental conservation programs, they want other businesses within this sector to emulate them.

Plan Your Visit

If you’re planning a visit to Back Channel Brewing, here are a few key details to keep in mind:

Address: 4787 Shoreline Dr, Spring Park, MN 55384

Operating Hours: Check online for their updated operating hours and new events.

Tours: On rare occasions, it undertakes guided tours that give insight into how beer is produced. While you are there, ensure that you ask whether they have tours or not. A great place to also visit.

Events: They post their event calendar on their website for you to visit and check out live music performances, special bottle releases, etc.

Back Channel Brewing Co. is not just any brewery but rather a place that is fit for beer lovers and nature buffs with a fantastic lakeside atmosphere. The brewery with an array of carefully made beers, a dedication within the community, and a beautiful position on Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka is a jewel in the crown of Minnesota’s craft beverage industry. No matter if you are a local in search of your most desired lakeside chillout session or a tourist keen on something different to quench your thirst at a craft beer joint, Back Channel Brewing is happy to receive you. Learn More about Spring Park here.