Excellent service! Professional as always! You never do more than you need to, but always let us know what needs to be done to extend the life of our vehicles! And, the ability to have a loaner car is huge! (no, this is not Mark's mom!)
Oops on the last review... I should have known that oil has gotten a little more expensive of late, duh, my bad. Mark is a good guy and I will take my car there again.
Joe was very good to work with. The young man who did the work on the car was nice. I will be back.
Dave at the front desk did an outstanding job - it is tough to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to costly truck repair and I thought he handled it very professionally. The truck seems to be running fine so I assume the mechanic did an outstanding job especially with all that he had to do to repair it. Being able to speak with the mechanic at the beginning was very helpful to me - knowing that I could communicate directly to him all that I was experiencing with the truck. I appreciated the mechanics confidence that he was going to be able to diagnose the problem correctly and get me back on the road. I also appreciated Mark's willingness to let me pay off what I owe in monthly installments - I couldn't have done it without this touch of grace. Thanks Certified Auto!!!!!!!!!
Had my 99 Chevy truck serviced last week and the bill wound up to be very expensive. I questioned the cost and became very irate and filled out a survy while still being in a "dumb ass" mode. The survey was less than ideal and I got a call from the owner wondering why I had given such a poor review. After a long conversation with the owner it became blatently obvious that I had no idea of what it takes to repair a vehicle these days. The owner was able, as a professional, make me understand the costs involved. I was able to apologize to both Dave and Joe but wanted to publically set the record straight. I have had my Toyota Camry, my Crown Vic, my Chevy Silverado and Chey Custom Cruiser serviced by Certified and not once have I been disappointed. This was a case of some old guy (me) not understanding why repars are so expensive and taking it out on the wrong people. As I write I have one of my vehicles in for repair and am totally confident that the work will be performed to its usual high degree of expertise. Please don't let a review by a misinformed individual have a bearing on where you take your vehicles for service. Nick Stoiaken
Took my vehicle in for service on Monday 12-17-2012.They found leaks, cracked hoses, flushed tranny and brakes lines and a bunch of other things I didn't know were going bad. Got the car back Monday. Took the car to work on Tuesday and noticed that the car was missing badly and lurching. Called them up and they said to bring it right in. Left it there at 3:00pm and got it back around 6:00pm. Even got a loner so I could do some chores. The mechanics found that my plug boots were cracked and spark was not always going to the right place. They replaced all eight boots for no charge and installed some wiper blades for me while the car was there. Took the car to work today and she purrs like a kitten. Another Certified Auto success story!
I had a good experience.I appreciate the discount that I was given on the work you did.The car appears to be running good now. Thank You. I would use you again.
Certified is A great shop with great follow through. A hasty response... without fully listening to the reason for the leak. It happens.
I had excellant service and Joe was very friendly. They were reasonably priced and did not pressure me to get other things repaired or looked at. I would recommend them to family and friends.
The staff was extremely friendly and very helpful.
This is a great asset in our area. Service was done quick with a smile and at a fair price. I will be back.
I was told that a coupon would be honored but it was not. Otherwise, it went well.
Very pleased with the professionalism shown by technician(s). Would(and will,) recommend you highly to my friends and family.
Repairs and services reasonably priced and the work is satisfactory.
We love your courtesy and service! We stopped in to have a headlight changed on the Subaru. We just love having you so close by. Joe welcomed us, and is always so incredibly polite. It is a pleasure doing biz with you!!!


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