Had my 99 Chevy truck serviced last week and the bill wound up to be very expensive. I questioned the cost and became very irate and filled out a survy while still being in a “dumb ass” mode. The survey was less than ideal and I got a call from the owner wondering why I had given such a poor review. After a long conversation with the owner it became blatently obvious that I had no idea of what it takes to repair a vehicle these days. The owner was able, as a professional, make me understand the costs involved. I was able to apologize to both Dave and Joe but wanted to publically set the record straight. I have had my Toyota Camry, my Crown Vic, my Chevy Silverado and Chey Custom Cruiser serviced by Certified and not once have I been disappointed. This was a case of some old guy (me) not understanding why repars are so expensive and taking it out on the wrong people. As I write I have one of my vehicles in for repair and am totally confident that the work will be performed to its usual high degree of expertise. Please don’t let a review by a misinformed individual have a bearing on where you take your vehicles for service. Nick Stoiaken

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